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SanDisk manufactures flash storage devices for use in data centers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras. Over the years, we’ve consulted with them on branding standards, product literature and have designed and produced nearly a hundred product packages destined for retail shelves all over the world.

Over the many years working with SanDisk we helped to codify the company’s brand guidelines and apply those standards to a wide variety of marketing communications. We produced hundreds of product packages in numerous languages and provided ongoing design and creative direction.


Brand guidelines
Icon design
Creative direction

“I trust Lauren to make me look good. I have challenged him with many projects and he has persevered the many changes I’ve put him through. Because he is organized, he has been able to meet my demands with patience and understanding. Lauren is creative, forward-thinking and is very giving. He has designed and produced many of my packaging designs. We have shared tough delivery and creative challenges. Thanks Lauren for hanging in here with me.”

Amy Vea
Marketing Communications Manager, SanDisk