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Can Brands Be Created?

Recently, a design colleague asked me about my business and what I do. I explained that I’m also a designer and brand communications consultant and work to ensure that my clients’ visual communications are consistent with their brand image and [...]

Personas: Defining Your Customers

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to not only engage with customers, but with the right customers. The more targeted your marketing, the more likely it is that you’ll reach people who will appreciate your brand and [...]

How Custom Images Strengthen Brands

Stock photography and illustration offer many advantages, but can have a negative impact on how your brand is presented. Stock imagery has become ubiquitous in brand and marketing communications over the past decade and for some good reasons. Let’s look [...]

Brand Identity: A Good Logo Is Not Enough

Many people, when they think about brand identity, think about the brand logo. The logo is arguably the cornerstone of any branding program. But a logo alone does not a brand make. Designing a world class logo is a great [...]

Simplicity is Complicated

According to, “…Americans are subject to some 3,000 essentially random pitches per day. Two-thirds of people surveyed in a Yankelovich Partners study said they feel “constantly bombarded” by ads, and 59% said the ads they see have little or [...]