9 Ways to Improve Your Brand Image

A brand image is the sum impression of a company's "personality" in the minds of customers. It can be at the same time factual and imaginary. Brand image develops over time as a result of customers' cumulative experience across numerous touch points. A strong brand image results in an overall favorable impression of the company and its products and services and fosters a sense of trust. A common misconception is that brand creation involves designing a great logo, a smart marketing plan, or well-crafted communications materials and advertising. It’s true, these are essential to a strong brand image but don't do the entire job in and of themselves. Consumers are smart. Telling them how great your products are doesn't work. [...]

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Hits and Misses—Both are Essential to the Creative Process

Let’s face it. We’re human. We all make mistakes. We do our best to avoid them and are embarrassed when they happen. In our culture failure is something to be avoided at all costs, but ask yourself, where would we be without it? In the creative process, both hits and misses play an essential role whether we like to admit it or not. Where would we be without the electric light bulb? Thomas Edison's creativity provided us with an invention that changed the world, but did you know that it took numerous attempts to get it right? Edison missed the mark over and over again before arriving at the final functional version. Edison famously said, “I didn't fail 1,000 times. [...]

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Designers are from Mars, Clients are from Venus

Designers and clients come from different worlds. The creative arts and business sometimes seem to be at cross-purposes. The focus of design professionals often centers around producing work that is artistic, fresh, conceptual and delivered with a high degree of craftsmanship. Business clients, on the other hand, while understanding the value of innovation and quality, are primarily concerned with achieving strategic business goals such as promoting products, acquiring new customers and maximizing profits. While at first glance this apparent dichotomy may seem problematic, these differences in priorities can provide excellent opportunities for both innovation and effectiveness. The most effective business communications are often born out of a symbiotic relationship between talented designers and savvy clients. It's when creatives and clients [...]

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