Great in 8 Coaching

Great in 8 Coaching is a career consulting agency dedicated to helping professionals realize their full potential. Professional career coach Joan Tabb asked us to guide her in clarifying her brand’s positioning. She wanted to attract the kind of professionals who are serious about doing the hard work required to be the very best they can be. We helped her define the unique qualities of her approach and position it against other coaches competing in the same market space. We developed a plan to package it in a way that would attract her target clientele.

Professional coaching is a competitive business these days. While there are organizations that provide prospective coaches with training and credentials, many new practitioners jump immediately into the market, hang out their shingle, and start looking for clients. So how does a consultant with a professional pedigree separate herself from the pack? In a word: branding. We worked closely with Joan to develop a unique brand presentation that highlighted her impressive bona fides as well as books and tools that were specific to her unique approach.


Marketing tools

“Lauren is in a class of his own. He is that rare creative professional who has 100% integrity, business acumen and a laser-focused abilty to deliver work that always amazes, differentiates and takes the solution to a new level. I have brought Lauren in to at least ten companies over the last 20+ years; from Apple Computer to 3Com to Intel to several start-ups, to my consultancy, then my own start-up. In a word, Lauren is magical—he elevates marketing solutions to beautiful creations that work to further business goals. I hope to continue working with him for the next several decades! Thank you, Lauren!”

Joan Tabb
Career Strategist and Leadership Coach