Identity Design

A logo is the cornerstone of a brand. A good logo design is simple, memorable, and flexible enough to be applied easily across the entire media spectrum. Further, it embodies the essence of the company it represents, accurately reflecting the organization’s values and culture. A professional logo design is crucial to the long-term success of a brand. We’ve designed a lot of them over the years. Here are a few of our favorites.

Williams Construction

A builder of residences, hotels, and commercial buildings.

Mind Games

This digital app features games and puzzles that require creative thinking to solve.

Amistad International

Amistad is a small charity with a global reach, originally founded to provide aid to the indigenous peoples of Mexico.


Arktos is a consultancy helping professionals find their personal “North Star.”

Luminate Software

Luminate is a software company providing business insights through data mining.


SongSmith is the business name for a commercial songwriter.

Parker Avenue Advertising

Parker Avenue is a Florida-based advertising agency.


Advertising After Hours

This is an identity for a copywriter providing advertising services to clients in his free time.

Siren Makeup Studios

Siren is a Hollywood-based makeup studio.

Lindstrom Photography

Mel Lindstrom is a San Francisco commercial photographer who is equal parts technician and artist.

Perky Rooster Coffee Company

The Perky Rooster Coffee Company is an online seller of specialty single-origin coffees.

Orange Blossom Villa

Orange Blossom Villa is an assisted-living center set among the orange orchards of Southern California.


Pivotal Legal Nurses

Pivotal Legal Nurses provide medical expertise to attorneys involved in malpractice suits.

Care at Home

Care at Home is a home health care agency based in Idaho.


Eurous is an international professional development consultancy.

Pacific Union College

Pacific Union College is a parochial college nestled amid the forests above California’s Napa Valley.

Peterson Architects

Peterson Architects is a small architectural firm specializing in commercial real estate projects.

Yankee Ingenuity Fund

The Yankee ingenuity Fund helps New England-based charities to run efficiently and profitably.

Mavericks Surf Company

Mavericks Surf Company is owned and operated by one of the founders of the Mavericks surf competition.

Silicon Valley Forum

Silicon Valley Forum is a non-profit organization providing a forum for education and collaboration within the technology industries.

Pacific Union College Alumni Association

The symbol adopted by this alumni organization is the Diogenes Lantern, a rare flower native to the area surrounding the college.

Orion Professional Development

Orion is a consultancy helping business professionals to realize their full potential.

Livermore Arts

Livermore Arts is a non-profit committed to encouraging the arts in the Tri-Valley area east of San Francisco.

Theme graphic for a professional conference in Austin, Texas.