Case Study: Perky Rooster Coffee

Perky Rooster Coffee is a seller of fine specialty-grade coffee. Their products include single-origin varieties from select micro-climates around the world and unique custom blends. The company sells exclusively online and ships coffee to the customer the same day it’s roasted ensuring it arrives absolutely fresh and flavorful. In addition to selling fine coffee, Perky Rooster commits a portion of their profits to the fight against animal abuse.

Our engagement with Perky Rooster Coffee began at their inception and LSBC was instrumental in establishing their brand, messaging, and online presence. We developed their identity and designed their product labels and website. As an online business, it was critical that they establish a social media presence and an ongoing advertising program. We designed and produced ads for Facebook and other social media channels and developed a campaign for daily posts featuring amusing coffee quotes to keep them constantly in the public eye.


Logo design
Website design
Branding strategy
Social media

Logo for Perky Rooster Coffee
Perky Rooster Coffee packaging

Website design

Perky Rooster Coffee website home page
Perky Rooster Coffee blog page
Perky Rooster Coffee packaging

Social media images