Peterson Architects

Commercial architect Bob Peterson needed a simple but distinctive brand identity and a marketing strategy that would make an impression on prospective clients and demonstrate the quality and breadth of his firm’s work. We created a new logo, stationery, and marketing materials that perfectly represented the distinguished architectural firm that they were.

For the Peterson Architects portfolio brochure we devised a flexible system comprised of separate project case study modules. They could be bound together right in their office, allowing them to create a custom brochure for each individual prospect. It also gave them the flexibility to add new projects from time to time without needing to reprint an entire brochure. In addition, we designed an abbreviated 6-panel brochure that could be handed out more freely to colder prospects. We chose to document their work with black and gray duotone photos by photographer Jane Lidz. The simple, stark images emphasized the structural aesthetics of their work.


Brand identity
Marketing strategy

Stationery system

A smaller version of the brochure that could be produced less expensively