Design Thinking: The Secret Sauce of Successful Business

In 1973, IBM CEO Tom Watson declared, “Good design is good business.” He recognized that design was more than cosmetic but served a purpose that went far beyond aesthetics. He realized it was also a solid business strategy. Today, numerous [...]

9 Ways to Improve Your Brand Image

A brand image is the sum impression of a company's "personality" in the minds of customers. It can be at the same time factual and imaginary. Brand image develops over time as a result of customers' cumulative experience across numerous [...]

Hits and Misses—Both are Essential to the Creative Process

Let’s face it. We’re human. We all make mistakes. We do our best to avoid them and are embarrassed when they happen. In our culture failure is something to be avoided at all costs, but ask yourself, where would we [...]

Designers are from Mars, Clients are from Venus

Designers and clients come from different worlds. The creative arts and business sometimes seem to be at cross-purposes. The focus of design professionals often centers around producing work that is artistic, fresh, conceptual and delivered with a high degree of [...]

Can Brands Be Created?

Recently, a design colleague asked me about the nature of my business. I explained that I’m a designer and brand communications consultant. I ensure that my clients’ visual communications are consistent with their brand image and messaging. He told me [...]

Personas: Defining Your Customers

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to not only engage with customers—but the right customers. The more targeted your marketing, the more likely it is to reach people who will appreciate your brand and your products. A [...]